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Law Office Juniver Girsang, Indonesia – newline

Law Office Juniver Girsang, Indonesia

Law Office Juniver Girsang & Partners is a top tier law firm that provides legal solutions alongside with country-wide transactions and litigations in Indonesia. They have been serving some of the most respected and well-established businesses, some of the start-up local visionaries, as well as some of the governments/state-owned entities. Being a long-standing member of the community, Juviner Girsng gives insights and experiences in multiple jurisdictions to their clients.



Being a law office that resolves cases across the country, Juniver Girsang is always holding internal team discussions for solutions as well as meeting clients for case explanation. However, the office was not looking professional enough with the scattered markers and flipcharts; it was also time-consuming to set up a projector, cables, and whiteboard before the meetings. They are looking for an all-in-one device that not only improves efficiency but also provides a professional-looking which enhance trust and boost company image for their VIP customers.


The Newline X Series was the perfect model for their needs. Juniver Girsang chose the X9 (86”) that came with a built-in Android whiteboard and dual system. Including two built-in cameras, microphones, and wireless presentation capability as an all-in-one solution. With one screen, they are now able to access whiteboard for any brainstorming purposes and have presentations or video conferencing wirelessly. The Newline X Series are also compatible for extra devices in order to meet different needs which Juniver Girsang had purchased an Envko Minto wireless conference phone for the convince of their working habits.


The efficiency of a meeting has been brought to its maximum. With Newline Cast and the on-screen annotation on any PPT or PDF files, the brainstorming discussion has saved so much time with the all-in-one X9. Participants in the video conference are now benefited with the sharper image display and the better sounding system. In addition, presenter could also use the windows PC on the screen and easily organize or save files and documents. Nonetheless, with Newline’s edge design and intuitive UC solution, VIP customers were stunned by the changes and the company image was strengthen accordingly.

 “We no longer need to suffer the bright shining light from the projector sitting in the middle of the meeting room table. We can now do ppt presentations and video calls on the same device, and the built-in Android whiteboard is easy to use, too.” – IT Manager.

Customer Profile

Name: Law Office Juniver Girsang
Industry: Corporate
Country: Indonesia
Solution: X Series