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National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN), Indonesia – newline

National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN), Indonesia

BATAN, National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia, is an Executive Agency that carries out Indonesian governmental duties in the field of research, development, and utilization of nuclear science and technology in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.


BATAN wants to upgrade their meeting rooms, training rooms, and research centers from traditional projector setup to the most advanced and latest technologies. Because of the frequent communications between government offices and ministries, BATAN needed to make sure the communication went effective and smooth. The solution device is also required to be easy-to-pick-up and fast adaptable as most of the staff and researchers are trainees who were not expertized in IT management. Many of the pro AV/IT solutions were complicated to understand.


BATAN chose the Newline X series, X6 (65”), to be their final decision as it runs on both built-in Android system and the familiar Windows system. BATAN uses the Newline display as an “Emergency Discussion” platform, where photos or videos would be sent to the screen whenever a CCTV captures a traffic accident. The team would then be able to discuss solutions or ways of prevention in no time. The X6 is also featured to conduct video conferences without having to bring extra laptops and connect with cables. Most importantly, the IT Admin Manager could centrally manage all the Newline displays using Newlin Display Management from his computer which makes it more secure and convenient.


The embedded powerful speakers allow a room full of 24 to 26 people to hear the audio clearly and loudly during a video or audio conferencing, and the built-in cameras with “angle-adjuster” enable either 2 or 20 people in a meeting room to all be seen and captured accurately.

The Newline X display has strengthened their flow of communications, the optically bonded display brings the visual experience to the next level and even the Ministry who sits in the very back of the room can still see the 65” X6 clearly. The effectiveness and smoothness needs are all fulfilled with our Newline X series device.

“The Newline X display has improved our training efficiency. We could play videos and open files while doing annotations on them. The speakers are so loud and clear when we are doing video conferencing.” said Head of Training Department.

Customer Profile

Name: National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN)
Industry: Public Sector
Country: Indonesia
Solution: Newline X Series